What's JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that executes on the cybersurfer. It turns stationary HTML web runners into interactive web runners by stoutly streamlining content, validating form data, controlling multimedia, amp images, and nearly everything differently on the web runners.

JavaScript is the third most important web technology after HTML and CSS. JavaScript can be used to produce web and mobile operations, make web waiters, produce games, etc.

JavaScript Example

JavaScript can be used in colorful conditioning like data confirmation, displaying popup dispatches, handling events of HTML rudiments, modifying CSS, etc. The following sample form uses JavaScript to validate data and change the color of the form.

The responsive UI and menu of this website is also using JavaScript. There's no website in this world that doesn't use JavaScript or JavaScript- grounded fabrics.

JavaScript History

In early 1995, Brendan Eich from Netscape designed and enforced a new language fornon-java programmers to give recently added Java support in Netscape tar. It was originally named Mocha, also LiveScript, and eventually JavaScript.

Currently, JavaScript can execute not only on cybersurfers but also on the garçon or any device with a JavaScript Engine. For illustration,Node.js is a frame grounded on JavaScript that executes on the garçon.

JavaScript and ECMAScript

Frequently you'll hear the term ECMAScript while working with JavaScript. Let's clear the confusion before it arises.

As you now know, JavaScript was primarily developed to execute on cybersurfers. There are numerous different cybersurfers from different companies. So, there was a need to regularize the prosecution of the JavaScript law to achieve the same functionality in all the cybersurfers.

Ecma International is anon-profit association that creates norms for technologies. ECMA International publishes the specification for scripting languages is called'ECMAScript'. ECMAScript specification defined in ECMA-262 for creating a general- purpose scripting language.

JavaScript implements the ECMAScript norms, which includes features specified in ECMA-262 specification as well as other features which aren't grounded on ECMAScript norms.

There are different editions of ECMAScript. Utmost cybersurfers have enforced ECMA-2625.1 edition.

ECMA-2625.1 edition, June 2011

. ECMA-262, 6th edition, June 2015

.ECMA-262, 7th edition, June 2016

. ECMA-262, 8th edition, June 2017

. ECMA-262, 9th edition, June 2018

. ECMA-262, 10th edition, June 2019

.JavaScript Engine

JavaScript machine interprets, compiles, and executes JavaScript law. It also does memory operation, JIT compendium, type system, etc. Different cybersurfers use different JavaScript machines, as listed in the below table.


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